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This site is used to start various personal projects using the (new) features and facilities of the Internet. These projects are intended to learn more about the subject of the project it self and the same time to get more knowledge of the secrets on the web.
The project 'Papiamentu' is intended to see how we can improve a language using the facilities on the web. Also to offer tools for people related to the Papiamentu to promote the language to others.
Papiamentu (or Papiamento) is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, and it also has some Arawak Indian and African influences. Papiamentu is one of the few Creole Languages of the Caribbean that has survived to the present day.
See also the following sites for more information about Papiamentu: (Papiamento)
Papiamentu derived about two-thirds of its words from Iberian languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician), a quarter from Dutch, and the rest from other languages including English, French, and various African languages. The sounds of Papiamentu include nearly all the American Spanish consonants and vowels, as well as a number of Dutch vowels.
Video Papiamento - diferencia entre Aruba, Boneiro y Corsow
Video Learning Papiamento with Henky
Video song poetry Papiamentu language: "Ilsa Bunita" (lyrics and music by Ced Ride)
The last few years there came more sites on the web where you can talk, write, discuss in Papiamentu with others. Visit these websites and meet others that speaks the language.
Papiamentu Wikipedia:
This is a prototype of a web-translator; it uses a database engine to translate words/text from English to Papiamentu and vice-versa. Also server-sided scripts are used to manage the various exceptions between the both languages.
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